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Joseph Becker, Esq.

Part capital-creating strategists, part powerhouse protectors. Entirely devoted to kicking your business into high gear.

A musician himself, Joe knew he wanted be an entertainment attorney at the start of law school. He drafts artist proposals, registers and maintains copyrights and trademarks, negotiates and executes digital distribution agreements, and advises artists on business and legal strategy.


Joseph Becker formerly headed up the licensing division at Tuff City Records as In-House Counsel, where he negotiated and drafted various licensing arrangements with major television, movie, music, and video game companies including HBO, MTV/Vh1, CBS/Paramount, and Warner Brothers. He became the key contact person on all licensing, placing songs into shows such as How I Met Your Mother and The Cleaner, films including Jim Carrey’s YES MAN, Will Smith’s HANCOCK, and Seth Rogan’s ZAK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO, and various ringtones and video games. Joe also licensed out many samples for use in songs such as DJ Kool’s LET ME CLEAR MY THROAT and Andy Samberg’s group, The Lonely Island’s INCREDIBAD. Joe was solely responsible for licensing a song into the 2010 MTV Movie Awards for host Andy Samberg to rap over. Joe successfully hunts down intellectual property infringers and receives royalties for artists and songwriters, as well as doing a major foreign distribution deal with EMI.

Background & Education

Coming from a a top-25 law school, Joe was selected for placement to work at Georgia Lawyers for the Arts where he researched Lanham Act claims and First Amendment issues for corporate clients. He later worked at Moses & Singer, where he organized and docketed international trademarks. He also worked at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) where he evaluated trademark applications and drafted Final Office Actions for small business and corporate applicants. Joe’s training at the USPTO provided him with a distinct understanding of the trademark registration process from the examiner’s side.

five fun facts

  • Left-handed.
  • A drummer.
  • Published author.
  • Snowboarder.
  • Was a volunteer lawyer for Georgia Lawyers for the Arts.

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