Meet Maxwell

Maxwell Fine, Esq

Part capital-creating strategists, part powerhouse protectors. Entirely devoted to kicking your business into high gear.

Maxwell Fine, Esq. works with emerging companies and mid-sized growth companies in helping to carry out their visions, which are ever-changing as a company grows. Max has a passion for building companies and managing risk while doing so. He believes that with no risk there’s no growth, which is how he helps clients flourish into the types of companies they have always envisioned.


Max understands the mindset of a business leader. His goal with every client is to help them shine and lead, whether its within their industry or their own organization. Max is skilled in all facets or corporate law. He has been the legal advisor to a wide range of start-ups and growing companies, with a focus in the consumer products and technology space.

A skilled negotiator, Max reviews and drafts contracts daily for our clients, helping them to get the best deal possible in complex business transactions. He frequently speaks as a subject matter expert on panels and writes industry-specific articles. In addition to his legal experience, Max has a strong focus on supporting clients in achieving business objectives through tactical legal strategies and an earnest commitment to growth. His multi-faceted practice areas in law include intellectual properly, commercial litigation and arbitration, corporate governance, and employment matters.

Areas of Practice

  • Complex Contracts
  • Start-up financing
  • Negotiations and Legal Advocacy
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • NDAs, Vendor, & Distributor Agreements
  • Employment Law & Relationship Building
  • Business Strategy and Cost Savings

Background & Education

Max received his J.D. from Pace Law School. He is admitted to the Bar in New York and Washington D.C. He was formerly General Counsel at MPOWERD and HEVO Power.

five fun facts

  • Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.
  • Was Al Franken’s press surrogate at the 2000 Presidential Debate.
  • First car was an 1984 Cadillac.
  • Hopes to live to see the St. Louis Blues win a Stanley Cup.
  • Max is ambidextrous.

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