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Client Spotlight: Good Move

Client Spotlight: Good Move

Celebrating Client Success

Meet Michelle Foster – Owner and mastermind behind Good Move – a neighborhood go-to restaurant in Brooklyn. When Michelle decided to purchase a restaurant space and rebrand it as her own, she recognized the need for legal help in navigating the process. Michelle was kind enough to share her journey and provide some words of wisdom to fellow business owners.

GL: Tell us a little about you and your business!

MF:  Good Move is a go-to neighborhood taco, cocktail, and mezcal spot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It was my dream to own my own business after years in the restaurant industry. My business partner and chef came on board this venture with me and we began shopping for commercial spaces.

I was adamant the business also be in my neighborhood as a way to really invest in my community. Running the restaurant has become exactly what I hoped for – a welcoming and comforting local place that people come to over and over because it fosters genuine community and serves delicious food and drink.

GL:  What’s your favorite part of what you do?

MF:  I enjoy so much of what I do running the restaurant, but if I have to pick a favorite it is definitely connecting with our neighborhood regulars. The Greenpoint community is so special – everyone is easy going, it is full of creative and open minded individuals and families, and we consistently learn from one another.  

Lease negotiations for the restaurant took forever. Gouchev Law was very helpful in the process. Commercial leases in NYC are very hard to deal with on your own, so we were fortunate to have a law firm successfully handle this for us.

GL:  What were some challenges you faced along the way?

MF:  Lease negotiations for the restaurant took forever. Gouchev Law was very helpful in the process and we waited on the landlord and their lawyer to complete their portion. Commercial leases in NYC are very hard to deal with on your own, so we were fortunate to have a law firm successfully handle this for us.

GL:  What made you seek out Gouchev Law?

MF:  While researching the best option for a restaurant attorney we came across Gouchev Law. While talking to Jana, I knew immediately she would be able to help us with exactly what we needed for finalizing a business deal and negotiating a new lease. It is a pleasure working with Fran, Jana and others on the Gouchev Law legal team; they provide results and clear communication.

GL:  Can you share a little about what type of work we do for you?

MF:  Gouchev Law helped us with the acquisition of the business, which was a previous restaurant ran out of the same location. The asset purchase work included extensive Due Diligence of the business we were looking to purchase such as judgments, tax obligations, financials, liens on equipments, existing contracts review, the Asset Purchase Agreement, and the lease review and negotiation.

GL:  How would you define what success means for yourself and your company?

MF:  Success to me means achieving our mission to be a neighborhood establishment that enriches the Greenpoint community. It also means being a sustainable and profitable business. Even early in our business we met both goals and continue to grow.

GL:  What is one important thing you’ve learned along the way that makes a big difference?

MF:  Patience. I’ve learned a thousand ways to be patient from all the work involved in signing a lease, to remodeling the interior of the restaurant, waiting for business to pick up, and patience with people’s opinions. I’m by no means a patient person, so patience as a business owner is going to be a continuing goal.  

GL:  We know exciting things are in store for you. Can you share a sneak peek of plans for the next couple of years?

MF:  Good Move will be expanding its service hours to offer breakfast with an emphasis on food that you can grab-n-go and eat in transit on your commute to work for example. Things like breakfast tacos and burritos.

Learn move about Good Move.


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