Meet damien

Damien Bosco, Esq.

Part capital-creating strategist, part powerhouse protector. Entirely devoted to kicking your business into high gear.

Damien practices law in the fields of commercial litigation, business law, corporate and securities transactions, employment law, and commercial real estate law. Damien has been practicing law since 2001, and continues to get a thrill from helping clients get the results they want.


Damien’s commercial litigation practice encompasses a broad array of business disputes. He litigates commercial cases arising under federal and state statutes as well as matters involving general principles of contract and business law. We regularly represent clients in partnership and shareholder disputes; non-payment disputes and demand, prosecute and defend restrictive covenants, including non-competition agreements; and litigate claims for breach of contract, unfair competition and trade secret misappropriation.

In his employment law and corporate transactions practice, Damien addresses all issues on employment law including compensation agreements, employment and consulting agreements, executive employment packages, officer and director responsibilities, and termination agreements.

Our clients rely on Damien to help resolve impediments, take advantage of opportunities, anticipate problems, and minimize surprises down the road.

Background & Education

After graduate school Damien worked in the financial services industry in asset management and in derivatives products in banks on the trading floor. Damien is a designated FINRA arbitrator and has a series 65 license as an Investment Advisor. David is also a legal writer, editor and legal content provider. He has written legal articles for Thomson Reuters’ Checkpoint Marketing and for BizActions on Business Law. He graduated from Harvard University with an MPA, then he went on to get his law degree at Brooklyn Law School where he was a Richardson Merit Scholar.

five fun facts

  • Played various roles in true crime and mystery dramas on the Investigation Discovery Channel and Travel Channel.
  • Played keys and performed vocals in a classic rock cover band.
  • First time having shrimp was on a shrimp boat in the Fjords of Norway.
  • The Bosco Family has a cookbook of favorite family recipes.
  • Worked as an Intern at the Pentagon during the Reagan era.

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