Meet Darya

Darya Kapulina-Filina, Esq.

Darya represents early-stage and mature U.S. companies and serves as U.S. counsel to international companies in all aspects of intellectual property law, corporate law, and dispute resolution. Darya’s methodology is to regard clients as colleagues and foster collaboration through active-decision making.


Darya has handled many cases involving intellectual property, commercial litigation, software and music copyright, trade secrets, trademark and patent infringement, and shareholder litigation. For the past twelve years, Darya has attained winning rulings from the Federal and New York Courts, with sizable settlements.  

Darya has also structured commercial transactions in more than ten countries, including M&A, corporate reorganizations, sales, distribution agreements, and licensing.  

Background & Education

Darya was a partner at Shelowitz Law Group and a senior associate at Pomerantz LLP and Pearl Cohen.  For the past six years, Darya has been named a “New York Metro Rising Star” by the New York Metro Super Lawyers Magazine and one of the “Top Women Attorneys in New York” by the New York Times Magazine.  Darya is a 2006 graduate of Hofstra University School of Law and specialized in corporate finance, economics, and political science at SUNY Stony Brook.

five fun facts

  • My first home in the U.S. was a dingy motel on 42nd street in the 1990’s, luckily NYC has improved since then!

  • My first name should have been “Dmitriy” since my parents thought I was going to be a boy.  They were really surprised but not disappointed!

  • I really enjoyed coaching the girls cheer-leading team since I was one too!

  • Despite being sociable at times, I am really very timid.

  • I am currently working on a pro bono case involving human rights violations against a U.S. citizen detained in Greece.  This is my only criminal case. I am excited to get my client home to his wife and son!

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