Meet David

David Boag, Esq.

Part capital-creating strategist, part powerhouse protector. Entirely devoted to kicking your business into high gear.

David handles a wide range of intellectual property matters for clients ranging from Fortune 100 multinational corporations to sole proprietors and inventors. David’s experience includes patents, trademark, and copyright litigation, strategic prosecution, licensing, and dispute resolution.


David’s focus is on patent, trademark, and copyright issues, including identifying and developing intellectual property, filing patent applications, asserting and defending against assertions of intellectual property rights, licensing and brokerage services, trade secrets and unfair competition, and intellectual property litigation.

David identifies patentable inventions, drafts strong patent applications, and handles the entire process up to the point where the patent issued. He frequently handles international patents, working with Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications, the Paris Convention, the Hague Convention and the Madrid Protocol.

He also helps companies and individuals respond to patent and trademark infringement threats, as well as go after those who are infringing on his clients’ patent and trademark rights.

Background & Education

David has an undergraduate degree in computer science and worked as a software developer prior to law school. His background gives David a unique advantage in working with and advising inventors.

five fun facts

  • Native Buffalonian.
  • Half Scottish.
  • Left-handed.
  • Thrash metal aesthete.
  • Retired pizza delivery tradesperson who once made 83 deliveries in a single eight-hour shift.

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