Dorothy has over twenty years of experience in representing small and midsize business entities and various Fortune 500 companies. She handles a broad spectrum of matters from basic start-up documents to complex business transactions, through all stages of a transaction’s life cycle. She provides general legal counsel and innovative litigation avoidance strategies in contracts.


Dorothy has experience with a variety of transactions, including asset purchase agreements, acquisitions, mergers, consolidations, dissolutions, and other capital reorganizations. She works on LLC operating agreements, by-laws, shareholder’s agreements, service agreements, and stock purchase agreements. She has extensive experience with intellectual property litigation avoidance strategies, employment, and independent contractor agreements, as well as master service agreements, releases, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete agreements.

Background and Education

Dorothy graduated from Pace University School of Law, where she also received an International Law Certificate. She was appointed as an Administrative Law Judge for the City of New York, and before that she was an associate at Calinoff & Katz, LLP.

five fun facts

  • Interned at Westminster Palace
  • Loves hiking, cycling, and kayaking with her family
  • Is a volunteer teacher for painting and crafts
  • Certified to sail a mid-size vessel 
  • Enjoys reading poetry

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