Dorothy has more than twenty years of experience as a persuasive and successful commercial litigator. Bringing her pragmatism, charisma and dedication to every matter she handles, Dorothy immediately captures the respect of clients, adversaries and judges.  

In addition to handling commercial cases of all types, includes breaches of contract, intellectual property infringement and partner/investor disputes, Dorothy is adept at providing strategic advice to help clients evaluate their operational risk and support them in finding business solutions that drive value.


Dorothy has been achieving winning results for two decades prosecuting and defending a wide range of business cases. She represents clients in both federal and state courts, where she has litigated disputes involving IP, breach of contract, partner and shareholder disputes, and internet-related claims, cybersecirity issues and business disparagement matters.

As a jduge for the City of New York, she learned firsthand which arguments persuade judges and juries. As a litigator, Dorothy draws on this experience to consistently obtain successful results for her clients both in and out of the courtroom.

Background and Education

Dorothy graduated from Pace University School of Law, where she also received an International Law Certificate. She was appointed as an Administrative Law Judge for the City of New York, and before that she was an associate at Calinoff & Katz, LLP.

five fun facts

  • Interned at Westminster Palace
  • Loves hiking, cycling, and kayaking with her family
  • Is a volunteer teacher for painting and crafts
  • Certified to sail a mid-size vessel 
  • Enjoys reading poetry

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