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You’ve got the ambition, we’re help to help you keep up the momentum and make good decisions along the way

Your company has grown into a smashing success. You’re starting to get some serious recognition in your industry. Things are going amazingly well, but with growth comes the growing pains and challenges.

Your company deserves legal counsel that will fuel your growth.
Whether you’ve worked with a law firm that didn’t treat you like the incredible, unique trailblazer that your company is, or you’re just starting to look for general counsel for your business, Gouchev Law will create a tailored team specific to your industry and take a completely holistic approach as your legal guides.

We carefully guide clients through myriad legal and business issues and offer guidance on key decisions that determine long-term success in today’s highly competitive, high-speed business environment. We work with growing companies at all stages, whether publicly traded corporations to family-owned businesses.

How we helped Brian

Kunal Sethi

“Gouchev Law created our corporation in Delaware and did all of our start-up corporate documents. They also did our trademark registration. Great boutique firm for start-ups. Highly recommended!”

Brian Moore, Team Member, Mahalo

How Can We Help?

We know that understanding what legal documents and protections you need is not your jam. Relax: we’ve got you covered.

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  • Intellectual Property
  • Trademarks
  • Mergers and Joint Ventures
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Licensing and Intellectual Property Assignment
  • Employment Matters
  • Equity Compensations Review & Negotiation
  • Venture Capital Documentation
  • Partnership Agreements

A Tailored Team for Your Industry
Our growing company clients of all sizes seek commercial stability and growth. Increased regulation and competition, and the globalization of doing business, create the need for tailored legal counsel in the day-to-day operations of a growing business.  New corporate governance regulations have brought about significant change in how business is conducted, and technology continues to accelerate the pace of transactions and the need for information.

Gouchev Law provides that trusted counsel you can rely on every single day and as you plan the future of your company. We will create a legal team for you that not only understands your specific industry and the laws governing your businesses but also your very specific goals and how best to achieve them.

Trusted Counsel At Your Side
As your business grows, we’ll be right there with you, providing continuing counsel to you and your company as you face new opportunities and challenges. Every great company journey comes with its fair share of tests and growing pains, but with Gouchev Law at your side, you can face them all. We will help you to create partnerships that maximize your growth while protecting your interests, develop and defend IP, and scale your business into new markets as you bring in new investors, equity, and partners.

Sal L. AvatarSal L.
5 star rating Gouchev Law goes above and beyond for clients. I found them extremely easy to work with. They have experience with start-ups and bigger businesses, which was invaluable for my two companies. The business law team at Gouchev Law talked me through intellectual property protection, did our LLC operating agreement, trademark registration, client agreements and an acquisition of a business. It has been a great experience so far. They are responsive and always willing to help. I will definitely be using Gouchev Law n the future. I would recommend their legal services to any company in need of legal counsel.
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