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You’re not someone who’s just interested in bringing home a paycheck; you want to impact the world.

Most law firms see their clients as customers. We’re not one of those firms. We see our clients for what they are: the dreamers making our communities a better place. 

Our Clients

We work with the best brands in the business and fast-growing emerging companies. From being outside counsel to in-house teams at large enterprises, to the legal counsel on demand to consulting firms, technology companies, and fast-growing startups. 

You are one of the most ambitious, growth-minded company in the country. If you are looking for a highly skilled, technology-driven law firm then we should talk.

We’d love to add you to our list of dynamic clients.


Representation And Advice That Fits You

Representation And Advice That Fits You


S Cap Investment

Meet Kunal Sethi, founder of S Cap Investment Consultancy, an investment firm that is transforming lives by helping to fund startups that make a huge social impact, such as providing clean water solutions.

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Rubato Media

Bridgette Orten, CEO of Rubato Media, created a digital marketing agency that clients love being a part of because the agency drives massive results through the customized way it works with clients.

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Clint Chang is the founder of FanCamp – an app that keeps track of all your favorite bands, teams, performers, and shows  – letting you know whenever there are events in your city.

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Friends NYC

Friends NYC began in 2012 as a friendship pact between wannabe-sisters Mary Meyer and Emma Kadar-Penner. Mary’s experience as a fashion designer and Emma’s knowledge of fashion history and obsession for thrifting united to create the Friends NYC brand.

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Meet Jason – Founder of Decodist, a company addressing a gap in the website development industry. Decodist makes high-value technology more accessible to small businesses. The company plans to scale out Decodist internationally, and the work Gouchev Law provided him set the foundation for this next step.

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Good Move

Meet Michelle Foster – Owner and mastermind behind Good Move – a neighborhood go-to restaurant in Brooklyn. When Michelle decided to acquire a restaurant space and rebrand it as her own, she recognized the need for legal help in navigating the process.

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Patricia Moreno

Founder | intenSati

Patricia Moreno, celebrity fitness instructor and successful entrepreneur, is on a mission to help others live a healthy and fulfilled life, changing the way they look at food, exercise, and themselves

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Jamie Jensen

Your Hot Copy

Meet Jamie Jensen, a boss entrepreneur and an extremely talented copywriter and founder of Your Hot Copy.

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The Magnetic Collective

The Magnetic Collective propels brands and businesses forward like never before. Diving head first to get up close and personal with you, your brand, and your target audience, they gain an intimate knowledge and cultural context that are critical to their clients’ growth and success.

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jamie glowacki

Author and Online Entrepreneur

Meet Jamie Glowacki, a business owner and published author. Jamie came to Gouchev Law for intellectual property protection. Things were moving at such high-speed in her business, that we dove right into negotiations with her.

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Founder | S Cap Investment

Patricia Moreno

Celebrity Fitness Instructor and Entrepreneur | IntenSati


Author and Online Entrepreneur

what others say

Tina Hakeem | Pixopop

“Gouchev Law has taught us how our business can use its intellectual property to maximize opportunities, revenue and value. They are also smart and extremely savvy when it comes to helping you organize all your ideas into a strategic revenue-generating business model. They work so well with the big dreamers. Gouchev Law is an exceptional team, but you’re getting so much more when you work with them. Hiring Gouchev Law was probably the best business decision we’ve made.”

Heather Wolf | JuggleFit

“Gouchev Law is a breath of fresh air in the world of small business law. I had worked with a few lawyers before but never felt that they were on my team. I’m so glad I found Gouchev Law! Not only are they super knowledgable about the most important legal matters for my business, but also have a strong desire for me to succeed. They have taken the time to truly understand what I do and have provided no-nonsense action steps to grow my business.”

Vlada Lotkina | Classtag

“Since the very first time I spoke with Gouchev Law, I realized that they are the perfect partner for my entrepreneurial journey. Gouchev Law has a very unique, hard to find blend of skills that every entrepreneur wants in a lawyer: legal acumen, business savvy, and a great attitude. It has been a real pleasure working with Gouchev Law across all the legal aspects of my business from company set-up, post-incorporation documents, and contracts to registration of our trademark. I’ve even referred them to family members who need a business lawyer. Definitely will be working with Gouchev Law as we grow our business!”

Andrew Coury | Direct Narrative

“Our company hired Gouchev Law to draft entertainment contracts for a documentary film production. We could not be more pleased with the experience! Gouchev Law team were responsive, well versed in entertainment and contract law, and extremely helpful during every phase of the process. Not only was Gouchev Law resourceful at creating the needed contracts, they were interested in the continued success of our company and offered great advise about how we might excel in the marketplace. My business is in a better place because of Gouchev Law.”

Eric Schleyer | JLine Productions Inc.

“Gouchev Law is an extraordinary business and trademark attorney. We feel so lucky to have found them. They overdelivered every time. There is more than enough complexity in negotiation with giant organizations, but Gouchev Law’s work product and personality made it feel effortless. Thanks!”

Ira Machowsky | Aceum Partners LLC

“It feels fantastic to have Gouchev Law on our side. Whenever you operate a business, whatever that business is, you need advisors like this who are committed to your goals and on whom you can depend for great business advice.”

Ali Sabet | Sabet Brands, Inc.

“Gouchev Law are experts in the protection of intellectual property. Working with Gouchev Law taught me to place a significantly higher value on my own work and take the steps to establish my rights to it. My design agency has seen a huge revenue boost and Gouchev Law even gave us amazing ideas on expanding service offerings.”

Rebecca Tracey | The Uncaged Life

“Gouchev Law’s help was invaluable when I was dealing with legal matters in my business. I’m a business person, not a lawyer, and when someone copied my work, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Gouchev Law helped me make sense of it and made sure that I understood what my options were. Talk about a huge relief to have them on my side!”

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