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We are a modern law firm for innovative companies who want a smart, fast, and dedicated legal team.

You want attorneys who get you, your business and your legal needs. Welcome to Gouchev Law. The lawyers who you actually look forward to speaking to.

Do you challenge your team to be exceptional? Then we suspect we’re a killer match.

You can probably tell we don’t do anything the old-fashioned way. We exclusively work with clients who are genius in their unique way. We’re passionate about empowering visionary companies.

We go to great lengths to take care of our clients, which is why they turn to us when making their most important business decisions.

We are a fast-paced team of exclusively senior lawyers with large law firm and in-house experience. We provide non-billable project managers in addition to a dedicated team, which is the most practical and cost-effective model for any company.

What We Do:

We embrace endeavor to drive new value for your organization. We are fierce negotiators, laser sharp lawyers, and diplomats who close deals. We are willing to bet that you will build trust in us with every deal and see tangible outcomes.

Sample Work:

  • Handle any technology deal and commercial contract: SaaS, service agreements, licensing, vendor agreements, MSAs
  • Outside corporate counsel to in-house teams
  • Provide well-defined legal strategies, an evolving knowledge management database of your organization so everyone you work with has the same knowledge
  • Capitalize on your intellectual property
  • Strategic counsel and due diligence for expansion or exit strategies

What We’ll Do

  • Technology law: service agreements, SaaS agreements, licensing, security
  • Work directly as outside counsel to in-house general counsel, high level CEOs, and business teams a variety of industries on complex commercial agreements

  • We help companies focus on business success: well-defined legal strategies, leadership, effective execution, and organizational structure
  • Fiercely negotiate commercial contracts
  • Secure Your Trademarks and capitalize on your company’s intellectual property
  • Discuss expansion and exit strategies
  • Purchase or sale of businesses
  • Create a strategy diverse and recurring revenue streams

How We Helped Mashbooths

“I knew about Gouchev Law’s stellar reputation. The result of Gouchev Law was a major legal win at half the cost of what my last attorneys charged. The attorneys at the firm are friendly to me but aggressive in protecting me. Working with the firm has paid off in a big way! They do everything from creating agreements with advisors, consultants, term sheets and issuing options to create operating agreements.”

Jason Matriano | Mashbooths

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