Erin gleason alvarez, Esq.

With over twenty years of practice, Erin’s background has positioned her to advise clients by leveraging multiple perspectives when approaching a transaction – a tremendous benefit for efficient contract negotiations.

Erin is able to draft and review contracts from the litigation standpoint, spotting the biggest future risks, and on the opposite end she is skilled at finding a middle ground in negotiations strategy to close the deal.


Erin enjoys supporting clients on their commercial business contracts and general corporate law. She has handles deals relating to complex commercial transactions, technology, ecommerce, media, employment matters, and commercial leasing. Erin’s work ethic is focused on advocating for fairness and efficiency in assisting clients to have effective partnerships with service providers, clients, partners or resolving / diffusing disputes as they arise.

Background & Education

Erin previously served as Global Head of ADR Programs for AIG, where she was responsible for managing vendor relationships, supporting contract negotiations, and she led the organization’s efforts to address disputes proactively. Erin is licensed to practice in New York; United States District Court, Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

Clients Say:

I highly recommend Gouchev Law . They are business minded, they understand operations and give fast and strategic advice,  explaining all your options. Best of all, they know how to speak to business people not as lawyers but as partners that aim to get to your end goal. 

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