Whether you are buying a franchise or looking to make your business into a franchise, Gouchev Law will make your franchising dreams a reality.

We represent franchisors and franchisees in connection with the review and negotiation of franchise agreements, franchise disclosure documents (FDDs) and multiunit development agreements in a variety of industries. We also provide assistance and guidance in connection with the formation of franchisee entities and the structuring of business arrangements among owners.

Purchasing a Franchise

Buying a franchise is an exciting process filled with lots of promise and expectations for the future. However, before signing any franchise agreement it is critical that you conduct a thorough evaluation (“due diligence”) of the franchise that you are about to invest in. This due diligence will involve testing and validating certain claims made by the franchisor (i.e., speak to existing franchisees and evaluate performance of their business; ask them how much support the franchisor provides to them). You also want a franchise lawyer to thoroughly review the FDD disclosures and franchise agreement to ensure that your business expectations match the “legal rights and obligations” contained in your Franchise Agreement.

The Steps to Buying a Franchise.
There are likely significant changes that should be made to your franchise agreements before your sign them.The franchisor you are considering cares about their systems and their franchisees. They are prepared to address concerns regarding the substance of your franchise investment. Before investing in a franchise you need to understand that there is a process to follow and there are significant protections that you you should take advantage of right now.

Navigating Franchise Law
Franchising presents both unique growth potential and unique business and legal challenges. Our franchise law attorneys work with franchisors and franchisees to perform due diligence, review the franchise agreements, negotiate the real estate lease, set your business up with the right legal entity, help you meet regulatory requirements, protect your trademarks and other intellectual property and your maximize business opportunities. From Restaurants, Gyms and Boutique Fitness, Retail Shops, Service Providers – we’ll set your franchise up the right way.

How we helped Miguel


“Gouchev Law helped form our corporation as a Delaware C-Corp, created all of our corporate documents, helped connect us make a valued connection for our business, and filed our trademark application. Jana and Max were took their time to answer all of our questions, go through the documents so we can fully understand them and make good decisions, and generally guide us in our business. We highly recommend them are your start-up legal counsel.”

Miguel Garcia, President, Co-Founder, VIDAH

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  • FDD and Franchise Agreement Reviews
  • Forming a New Entity for your Business
  • Buying or Selling an Existing Franchised Location
  • Trademark Registration
  • Raising Capital
  • State Registrations, Permits and Licenses
  • Retail Commercial Lease Negotiations
  • Negotiating a Restaurant Lease
  • Independent contractor, supplier, employment, confidentiality and non-compete agreements
  • Franchising Your Business
  • Termination of a Franchise Agreement
  • Private Equity Acquisitions of Franchise Systems
Building Your Franchise
Operating a franchise can be the best of both worlds: the independence and freedom to be your own boss and the name recognition of a national or regional brand. As a franchisee, you also have a number of unique legal challenges to face as you manage relationships with franchisors, customers, vendors, employees, and business partners. At Gouchev Law, we’ll help you navigate all the legal complexities of franchising and grow your business.

Franchising Your Business
For those entrepreneurs who are already building their business and looking to scale their business through franchising their model, our team will help you build your franchise empire. We will provide legal guidance to create franchisor/franchisee business agreements, protect and promote your franchise’s trademarks and other IP, comply with all applicable FTC and securities rules and regulations, find and optimize partnership and growth opportunities, and protect your interests in all franchise transactions.

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