It’s an exciting day when you realize your startup has taken off and you’re ready to bring on help. Finding the right people for your team, however, can be easier said than done. Since you’re likely still running a small operation, you want to make sure you hire people who are the right fight for your close-knit team and who can bring the most to the table in terms of talent and ambition.

While no business wants to make bad hiring decisions, startups in particular really can’t afford hiring mistakes. The good news is, there are ways to approach hiring that can help you make sure you’re bringing on only the best of the best.

Foster a Positive Work Environment

Simply put, you want your company to be a place where people will want to work. The best way to do that is to foster a positive environment that keeps your employees happy. No one wants to go into work and be miserable every day, so if prospective hires see that your current team is happy, they’ll be much more excited about coming on board. When you respect your employees and support their growth as professionals, you’ll be rewarded by the loyalty of a team who wants to take your company to the next level. A great company culture can also go a long way toward making up for slightly lower salaries if you’re not yet in a position to pay as much as the big guys.

Build a True Sense of Teamwork

If your employees view themselves as integral parts of a team, they’ll want to do their best work, and your business will benefit as a result. In order to bring on talent that’s truly invested in the business, you need to allow them a certain degree of independence and give them a sense of purpose. That may mean relinquishing a bit of control, which understandably can be difficult when you’ve worked so hard to turn your dream into a reality. But find a way to do it, and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

Be Strategic in Your Advertising

Job postings need to be about more than just the position and the skills you’re seeking in a potential employee. While those elements are certainly important, it’s just as important for you to present your company as a place people should want to work. Define a clear sense of your company and its culture, and then sell that vision in the job posting. Be clear that you want someone to become part of your close-knit team. And while traditional hiring sights can be great, you should also consider utilizing social media or niche recruiting sites, particularly if you’re trying to reach young creative types.

Look Beyond the Resume

Skills and experience undeniably matter when it comes to hiring the right talent, but they’re only part of the picture, particularly when it comes to working at a small company like a startup. Once you’ve fostered a close-knit team, you want to make sure that your potential hires have the work style and personality to mesh with the group. You need someone who wants to be a real part of your team, and not just a paycheck. Trust your instincts when it comes to who you think is right for your company.

Always Be Networking

Sure, you’ll likely find plenty of qualified candidates through formal job postings, but sometimes you can find the best employees through mutual contacts. Even though you may have specific needs at certain times, you never know when the perfect addition to your team might cross your path. You should be open to finding new people at all times – even if you can’t hire them immediately, you can keep track of them and stay in touch so they’re easy to reconnect with when you do have the resources or need to hire more people. When you are actively hiring, don’t be afraid to ask around for referrals. Sites like LinkedIn are a great substitute for face-to-face networking when your schedule is crammed.

Have Big Plans for the Future

People want to be a part of something great. The more excited you are about doing great things, the more likely you are to attract talent that wants to come along for the ride and stick with you until you reach your goals. A clear vision for the future also gives potential employees some reassurance that they’re making the right choice in choosing to work for you. After all, joining a startup with no established record of success seems like a risky proposition. Remove those fears, and you’re more likely to get the people you want.

The strength of your team is crucial to the success of your business. When you find someone who seems like the right fit, act quickly. The best talent will always be in high demand, and you don’t want to pass up that superstar addition to your team.

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