Meet This Month’s Hot Entrepreneur!

Meet Jamie Glowacki, an impressive business owner and now widely known published author.

Jamie came to Gouchev Law for intellectual property protection. Things were moving at such high-speed in her business, that we dove right into negotiations with her literary agency.

Here is what Jamie had to say about her experience finding the right lawyer.

GL: Tell us a little about your business?

JG: I am the author of the popular e-book, Oh Crap Potty Training and widely known as The Poop Lady…a title I wear with pride, sick as it sounds. My business has grown so organically, I can’t help but think I was put on earth to do this work. The short version of the long story is that after retiring from the circus, I went into social work, working with moms and kids. Teaching parenting required teaching potty training. I wasn’t a mom or part of the mom culture so I had no idea this was a parenting hot button. A few years later I became a mom and I told my mom friends I’d be out for a week to potty train my 22 month boy. People said it was impossible to potty train a 22 month old boy. But I did, and everyone wanted to know how. At the time, I owned a brick and mortar store. I started offering classes that sold out. People were clamoring for the information. I finally wrote it down and it was book length. It started selling online immediately.

I offer consultations and for a year I did a live podcast with caller questions. At this stage, I’ve helped thousands potty train. Just this year I struck a deal with Simon and Schuster to
publish my book!

GL: What made you decide to hire a lawyer for your business?

JG: I’ve always had a business lawyer to handle filings and questions. My previous lawyer was “old-school” and was really in the dark about internet business and what I needed. I hired Gouchev Law because of plagiarism issues. The minute I spoke to Jana, I felt a HUGE relief. She COMPLETELY understands internet marketing and business. It’s like she was talking my language. I instantly wanted her on my team.

GL: Did you have any fears or doubts about hiring a lawyer?

JG: Well, anything to do with legal is a financial investment. And as a solo-preneur, I’m particularly concerned with how I spend my money. But hiring a lawyer, especially a lawyer that you love, is a necessity.

GL: What made you go with Gouchev Law?

JG: Gouchev Law came from the recommendation of a close friend. But as I stated, the minute I started talking to Jana, I was all in. Even the minute I went to the Gouchev website, I was pretty much in.

GL: How has the process of working with us been so far?

JG: Great! I love that Jana is available for a phone call in very reasonable amounts of time. I REALLY love the way the firm uses technology to its benefit. It’s so refreshing and makes working with them so easy!

GL: How does it feel to have a lawyer on your side?

JG: It feels like a huge burden is off my shoulders. But I have to be specific and say it feels AMAZING to have this particular lawyer on my side. Internet business has different needs than brick and mortar and having someone who really understands that is just great.

GL: What’s your advice to fellow business owners who are on the fence about hiring a business attorney?  

JG: Retain one, ASAP. You never know what legal things will pop up and scrambling in the 11th hour when you need one will only cause massive stress for you. In this litigious society, you want a great lawyer in your back pocket, someone who is going to be advocating for your business!

GL: What’s in store for your business this year?

JG: Oh, boy! As I said, I just signed a deal with Simon and Schuster to publish my book. I’m thrilled about this and hope that this year brings lots of appearances to promote my global message.  I will be launching my certification program as well, which is so exciting!  I intend on riding the wave and seeing where this takes me and my business! So far it has been a massive success.

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