Meet This Month’s Hot Entrepreneur!

Meet Kunal Sethi, founder of S Cap Investment Consultancy, an investment firm that is literally transforming lives by helping to fund innovative startups that make a huge social impact, such as clean water solutions and technology that revolutionizes the way cancer research can be performed.

Kunal came to Gouchev Law because he wanted a creative law firm that was in line with his pioneering thinking and business ethic.

GL: Tell us a little about your business?

KS: S CAP provides consulting services to businesses, high net worth individuals and families who require specialized advice on capital formation, cash flow generation and wealth management. We invest in disruptive technologies in the Bio Tech & Renewable Energy space. These are industries that are indispensable to every society. We pair investment capital with new-age technologies.

We do this by focusing on providing high net worth individuals and families unique choices that do justice to their pool of wealth. And new-age technology is what we know best to ensure an exponential growth of your wealth across generations.

GL: Why was it important to you to hire a lawyer for your business?

KS: We think having the right lawyer on the team makes or breaks our success. How else would we protect ourselves and our investors/ deal flow interests? When it comes to having a business attorney, we consider this a vital part of having the right team and infrastructure in place to make sure a business is doing the right things to stay away from risks and building for large-scale success. Of course, you need in a lawyer a like-minded person that gets that vision and knows how to carry it through.

Jana and her team do everything from Due Diligence on companies we think have investment potential, to reviewing all of our agreements, to everyday business decisions that we want to make sure are sound and in line with our vision.

GL: Did you have any fears or doubts about hiring a lawyer?

KS: There is always a little fear when bringing anyone onto your team because your business is your baby and you want to make sure the very best are involved. Luckily we found a lawyer that actually over-delivers consistently.

GL: How does it feel to have a lawyer on your side?

KS: On some days, it saves my life. Just knowing I can pick up the phone and speak to Jana and my team at Gouchev Law about a decision I have to make that week makes a huge difference to the success of my business. This is not a field you can “Do It Yourself” – and the interesting part is that companies of various sizes do try that approach and I’ve seen it cause lots of headache and failure. So for us having a lawyer that we trust and who gets us is actually vital to our business’s success.

GL: What made you go with Gouchev Law?

KS: My instincts. I trust them right after my wife. When I met Jana I knew I can trust her with my business, and I was instantly sold. This has paid off in huge ways for me. Jana is not only extremely knowledgable and generous with her time, she’s also a totally different kind of lawyer. She comes up with creative, flexible solutions. Unlike so many others I’ve worked with, Jana sees different ways of doing things and that really goes a long way.

GL: How has the process of working with us been so far?

KS: Couldn’t be better! In comparison with other firms, I’d say Gouchev Law is 10 steps ahead. The firm is all for seamless communication and efficiency. They use the latest technology to save clients money and make everything go smoother. Plus Jana is always reassuring, reliable, and offers super quick turnaround times.

GL: What’s your advice to fellow business owners about finding and working with the right attorney?

KS: First, don’t fear attorneys. While harder to find, there are lawyers who will speak your language and make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot in a business advocate. Jana and her team happen to be exactly that. So my advice would be to talk with a few different lawyers, see how it feels in that initial conversation, and make sure they ask about and understand the vision of your business.

GL: What’s in store for your business in the next year?

KS: Exciting things on the horizon. Just for some background, a technology that replaces an existing technology and creates a new value system is deemed disruptive. Companies challenging norms with innovative solutions need investors at various points of the startup lifecycle. We identify these startup environments and help them realize their potential, and generate wealth. In this quest, we will grow our focus on nanotechnology, biotechnology and the latest developments in the medical diagnostics space and renewable energy, both domestically and internationally.

Click here for more about S Cap.

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