Bridgette Orten, CEO of Rubato Media, created a digital marketing agency that clients love being a part of because the agency drives massive results through the customized way it works with clients.

GL: Tell us a little about you and your business

RM: I had lost connection with why I loved marketing. I spent years as part of the media world in NYC and Paris, building two different ad agencies. So, when I started Rubato Media, it was to work with my clients on a more personal level, partner with passionate people creating good things for the world.

 GL: What’s your favorite part of what you do?

RM: 1. Unlocking growth potential for my clients’ businesses’ through paid media 2. Unlocking potential for media buyers working for me to travel as much as they want while still have a significant and serious career.

GL: What inspired you to be in the position you are in today?

RM: When I saw such a fragmented industry of agencies, I believed that it’s possible to create something better. To create something that clients will love being a part of, driving massive results in a customized way.

GL: What were some challenges you faced along the way?

RM: My business model failed completely not once but twice. I had less than $1,500 to my name but knew that if I quit at that point everything I had done would be lost. I stuck it out and continued working on succeeding, and it paid off. Now we are buying over $3M paid media per year with a diversified client portfolio and growing almost 50% year over year. I’m glad I didn’t quit, even though I certainly wanted to at times!

 GL: What are your customers/clients like? Who are they?

RM: Most of our clients are eCommerce businesses with MRR between up to $4M.

GL: How has it been working with our firm?

 “Everyone at Gouchev Law made my team and i feel comfortable and very much like we are in a partnership which I appreciate.  I’m also impressed by the high-end technology and automation the firm uses that makes everything seamless when working with them.”

GL: What made you seek out Gouchev Law?

RM: I know it takes guts to compete in the NYC law firm market, and Gouchev law had succeeded at that and become one of the top 3 New York City boutique business law firms. I also was super impressed by the digital presence and automation — shameless bias on my part — and I liked the idea of supporting another woman in business.

So far, I’ve had a wonderful experience. Every person I’ve talked to has been so down-to-earth and great at consulting with me on various things. The firm has high-level of knowledge and services provided by Gouchev Law. Everyone made me feel very comfortable getting started with legal processes and very much so in a partnership which I greatly appreciate.

GL: How would you define what success means for yourself and your company?

RM: I battle with this concept daily. I continually commit to doing my best for the company, pushing myself to the max to achieve goals, but also offering myself a break and extending this mindset to my team. I believe this process of understanding and believing that we are indeed success defines success.

GL: What is some advice you can share with other business owners or one important thing you’ve learned along the way that makes a big difference?

RM: I’m not a yoga person, but there is a form of meditation called Yoga Nidra that has been so powerful for me. I look up 20 min versions of this guided meditation on YouTube sometimes when I feel the anxiety of being a business leader coming on, and it brings such a wonderful calm to me.

GL: We know exciting things are in store for you. Can you share a sneak peek of plans for the next couple of years?

RM: My goal is to build an army of very smart media buyers, not account managers. The agency world is fragmented to the point we sometimes get accounts brokered down to us from up to 2 other agencies, 3 layers from the original client! Clients need direct access to good media buyers who know what they are doing, and who will care about their business like they do! I am working to continue building this army for our clients.


We provide a dedicated team of experienced attorneys for your company, with all the experience and technology of a big law firm for half the price!

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