Here at Gouchev Law, we’re dedicated to advancing innovation by providing our clients with top-notch corporate legal advice. Our firm prides itself on helping creative, dynamic companies achieve success.

We were thrilled to learn recently that our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. In an article published on January 24, 2017, legal news site the Lawyer Herald included Gouchev Law in its list of the 7 best corporation law firms in Manhattan. Recognizing the complexities of corporate law and the importance of finding legal representation you can trust, the Lawyer Herald singled out 7 firms for their ability to provide reliable advice in the often-complex world of business law. We were honored to be included on that list.

The article highlighted Gouchev Law’s commitment to standing by our clients throughout the lives of their businesses, providing superior legal advice every step of the way. In addition to being recognized for our ability to handle all aspects of corporate law, our firm was specifically commended for its expertise in the areas of business law, contract law, and intellectual property and Internet law.

Being lauded as “talented, smart, and affordable” is high praise indeed, and a standard that we’re committed to upholding for all of our clients. It’s a privilege to serve some of the most creative and innovative companies in New York City, and our team looks forward to continuing to promote innovation by providing our clients with nothing less than the highest quality legal advice possible.

A Boutique Corporate Practice Focused on Innovation

Commercial transactions are one of the most important factors impacting the success of any business. That’s why you need dedicated advisors at your side, offering sound business advice that’s tailored to the specific needs of your company.

At Gouchev Law, we understand that every business is different. That’s why we don’t simply take a one-size-fits all approach to counseling our clients. We selectively represent clients that have great creative and innovative potential, and we get to know their businesses inside and out. Whether you’re a brand new start up seeking to protect your intellectual property or an established company looking to enter a joint venture and take your success even further, our team is here to help. From the simplest contract to the most complex dispute, we can handle it all. It’s our breadth of experience and depth of knowledge that has earned us our ranking among the best business law firms in New York City.

Legal Guidance in Building Your Business

At The Gouchev Law Firm in New York, we work with businesses of all sizes, including start-ups and franchise businesses, across New York City and New Jersey, in meeting all types of transactional needs. Call us at (212) 537-9209 or schedule a free strategy session today to see what The Gouchev Law Firm can do for your business.