Meet This Month’s Hot Entrepreneur!

Meet Ellen Thomas, founder of Shift Limiting Beliefs, a coaching consultancy that helps you live a life that thrills you. Ellen’s mission is simple. She helps people change their beliefs so they can finally live their dream lives. We can all use a little more of that!

Ellen came to Gouchev Law because she wanted an authentic attorney as her go-to for important business decisions.

GL: Tell us a little about your business?

ET:  I help people shift their limiting beliefs so they can find more love, lose more weight and make more money.  The truth is that my heart goes out to all the extraordinary women who are hiding their brilliance behind fear, worry and doubt. As a limitless life coach, I help ambitious yet sensitive women take on the lives they truly desire. I do it by combining business and holistic principles with a bit of my intuition thrown in. I had no idea it would be such a powerful mix.

With a powerful combination of weight loss, relationship coaching and money management, I help my clients achieve their true potential and experience unlimited happiness. 

GL: Wow, it sounds like so many people can use your services. Why was it important to you to hire a lawyer for your business? 

ET: I wanted to be sure my intellectual property and my personal assets are protected as my business grows. I realize now that I should have taken this important step much earlier!

GL: Did you have any fears or doubts about hiring a lawyer? 

ET: Yes! I wasn’t sure where to look and was so glad I was introduced to Jana. She’s so genuine and authentic, and even more importantly, very knowledgeable about legal issues for my type of business.

GL: Thank you so much, we feel that same way about you! It sounds like trust and authenticity are very important to you in business relationships. 

ET: Yes, at this point in my life, I can tell when to trust and when to run. The first time I spoke with Jana she took the time to answer my questions and delivered high quality information that I could use to benefit my business right away. The firm turns documents around very quickly, plus Jana always adds more than what I ask for.

GL: How does it feel to have a lawyer on your side? 

ET: I feel so much more confident. I run things by Jana all the time, and I am so glad I do because she has helped me avoid some messy situations! Plus now I can focus on what I do best because I have delegated the legal issues to Jana.

GL: How has having a business helped your business?

Gouchev Law created my client agreement, they are registering my trademark for my new online program, the firm also advised on the best business entity for me and created it so that my assets are protected. Jana made sure I have proper waivers and releases for retreats I do with a business partner, helps me deal with deadbeat clients and vendors, and much more.

GL: What’s your advice to fellow business owners about finding and working with the right attorney?

ET: Do your homework, but don’t overthink it or wait too long. Be sure you find someone that you like and trust and who knows their stuff, like Jana. Your business will thrive when you have delegated the important legal details to the right person.

GL: What’s in store for your business? 

ET: I’ve just launched ReBoot Camp, a revolutionary 21-day program that includes the very strategies I use with my private clients for a fraction of the price. Daily emails with powerful lessons and activities designed to shift your mindset and reboot your life are delivered straight to your inbox. It includes a private Facebook group also where members can get the support they need while they are rebooting their lives. I’ve wanted to be able to help more people and this allows me to do just that. I’m so excited about this new program!