Meet This Month’s Hot Entrepreneur!

Meet Caroline Todman, founder of 180SoulFit, the hottest new thing in boutique fitness. 180SoulFit’s vision is to help people connect with their bodies and their souls through dance fitness.

Caroline came to Gouchev Law because she wanted a business law firm with soul to match her passion.

GL: Tell us a little about your business?

CT: I started my company in the process of healing my soul. Just to give you a little background, my father passed away from cancer 6 months ago, and I spiraled into depression because of it. Before that I used to love staying fit. But I used my depression from my sudden loss as an excuse not go to the gym or do anything active. Then one morning I was on the train headed to work and listening to music, when the idea of my business suddenly hit me. I’ve danced all my life and remembered how happy it always made me. I felt my dad guiding me as this idea hit me on that crowded train. I knew I had to take the leap of faith and make it a reality.

The premise of 180SoulFit is simple—heal your mind thru dance, and the fitness goals will naturally follow. In the race of life we tend to neglect our our soul. Dance is one of the best ways to get healthy and fit by also connecting to your soul and letting go. Plus people love dancing so it doesn’t feel like exercising even though it’s one of the best full body workouts you can get.

GL: What’s your favorite part of running your business?

CT: Doing something that I am extremely passionate about. Knowing that the success of my company is due to the hard work I put in, and giving it everything I’ve got. It was a scary thought to go out on my own and start a business, but now that I’ve started I’m so happy and there’s no turning back!

GL: Why was it important to you to hire a business lawyer?

CT: It was important that I hire a lawyer because I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning taking the DIY approach. Especially when I registered my company as an LLC. After trying to do it alone, I knew that I needed a lawyer ASAP in order to help my business be successful.

GL: What made you go with Gouchev Law?

CT: I’m huge on reviews and researching other companies online. When it involves a sizable investment, I always try to be informed so I make the right decision with who I chose. That goes for any service, restaurants, law firms, etc. I researched business lawyers for startups in NYC, and I came across Gouchev Law. The firm’s reviews were nothing short of stellar. There honestly was no competition. I made my decision right away. Best decision I’ve made.

GL: Has working with us contributed to the success of your business?

CT: Working with Gouchev Law has in many ways aided to early success of my startup. The firm really delivers on their promise to not only be legal counsel but also help with your marketing and business development strategy. They have provided us with the essential advice and tools to get the word out about our company. Since I began working with Gouchev Law, we’ve seen an excess lift in overall traffic and impressions to our site and social media outlets. There is considerable buzz building that I don’t believe would have happened without experts in the business law field.

GL: What’s the most important thing we’ve helped you with so far?

CT: Gouchev Law has helped me feel confident about my revenue model and aided with the marketing of my startup. Proper advertising and marketing of a company on the onset is pivotal. It sets the tone for success and lets potential clients know that you care.

GL: How does it feel to have a lawyer on your side?

CT: Having a lawyer on my side provides me such peace of mind knowing that there is a person who is genuinely concerned with the betterment and success of my company.

GL: What’s your advice to fellow business owners about working with a business attorney?  

CT: Advice on working with an attorney? That’s simple: DO IT. In the inception of my business, I avoided getting a lawyer to try and reduce costs. These mistakes cost me more money in the long run.

GL: Tell us one standout thing you’ve learned along the way?

CT: One important thing I’ve learned along the way is that no matter how prepared we think we are to execute a business on our own, there will always be obstacles. We just have to learn to roll with the punches and get thru the rough patches. The main thing is to not give up when we are faced with these challenges.

GL: What’s in store for your business?  

CT: We are looking into expanding to other cities throughout the U.S. We plan on growing by increasing the number of classes and instructors not only in NYC but also many other large cities. We provide a wide variety of classes so there is something for everyone who is looking for a fun yet challenging workout.