Leveraging Products, Sales Process, and Social Media

Okay, everyone’s talking about the importance of scalability with your business, but what does that really mean for you? The short answer is that you want your business to be able to turn a profit without you having to constantly work.

What you really want is to set up recurring revenue that allows you to sustain your message.

What Does Scalability Actually Look Like?

What that translates to is that you need products and programs, even if you’re in a consultancy type business where you’re the product.

In other words, even if your main offering is a product, you could and should have programs, and even if your main offering is a service, you could and should have products.

Setting up recurring revenue means you have to strategically build your business doing whatever you love and creating other programs and products aside from your core offering. Think online courses, strategic partnerships with other brands, joint venture programs, video series, audio programs, and live events.

Sales Process

So now that you know you need to structure programs that further your brand and create profit even when you’re not actually working, you need a sales process to get those programs and products to make money. I’m going to break sales process down into three components to make it simple. You only need these three pieces in place to be successful. Ready?

Your sales process needs to:

1) Add Value

Your website needs to add value to the your audience’s life so they become interested in your offering.

2) Capture Leads

Now that you have a site that generates interest, you have to collect names and emails from people so you can follow up with them to add value with your products and services.

3) Make the Money

You need a website that generates that recurring revenue. So whether you’re recording a webinar or out to dinner with your significant other, you’re still making money through your website. What I’m talking about here is having an automated sales process. This doesn’t happen overnight, but as your business progresses you’ll start to make more money passively.

Social Media Presence

Believe it or not, most people still find social media to be a black hole. The truth is that tweeting and posting quotes to Facebook isn’t enough these days. Building a lucrative social empire means using social media tools in fully automated marketing sequences.

The key to social media is creating a social presence that enables online dialogues with your customers.

Make sure comments are enabled so people can interact with your blog posts and videos. And remember, don’t think about sales when you’re doing your social media strategy. Just be genuine, the sales will come.