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Just because your business is new doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth a lot. Startups and emerging companies create some of the most innovative products on the market, and it’s crucial that you don’t let others unfairly capitalize on all your hard work. At Gouchev Law, we’ve helped countless tech, media, and other creative clients protect their intellectual property from would-be infringers and effectively monetize it to build amazingly successful businesses.

Our attorneys will help you with every aspect of intellectual property protection needed to build and preserve your brand equity. As a new and innovative company, you need to have the best representation on your side to prevent others from making money off your copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

You tell us your ideas and goals, and we’ll help you devise an IP strategy that will help you meet them. Building a business is a lot of hard work. Even though you’ve poured your heart and soul into coming up with your innovations, that’s only the beginning of the story.

Your ideas will fall far short of their money-making potential if you don’t take the proper steps to protect them from the outset. We can help you secure the trademark, copyright, and patent protections that are essential to keeping the competition from encroaching on your success.

Once you have the proper protections in place, enforcing them is just as important. From making sure your protections are up-to-date, to dealing with infringing parties who are trying to steal your ideas, our team will make sure that only you stand to benefit from all your hard work. After all, you put in all the sweat and inspiration, so you deserve to retain all the rights to your innovations.

Gouchev Law is your partner through every step of the creative process. We understand that each of our clients is unique. That’s why we don’t offer a cookie-cutter approach to handling your intellectual property. Our lawyers will take the time to develop the IP protection plan and growth strategy that best suits your one-of-a-kind business.

You’ve come a long way toward making your dreams a reality. Let us help you turn them into profit. At Gouchev Law, your goals are our goals. Come join our team of dynamic clients and make the most of your innovations.

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“Gouchev Law has a very unique, hard to find blend of skills that every entrepreneur wants in a law firm: legal acumen, business savvy and a great attitude. Definitely will be working with them as we grow our business!”

Vlada Lotkina, Classtag

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  • Joint Venture Agreements
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Packages to Fit Your Needs
If you’re like most startups, you can’t break the bank on legal fees. Our interest is helping you grow your empire, and so we offer a range of affordable flat-fee packages for startups, beginning with our Entrepreneur Start-Up Package, which includes forming your company, drafting your operating agreement and more. We can custom create a package that is the perfect fit for your startup needs.

Trusted Counsel At Your Side
As your startup grows, we’ll be right there with you, providing continuing counsel to you and your company as you face new opportunities and challenges. Every great journey comes with its fair share of tests and growing pains, but with Gouchev Law at your side, you can face them all. We will help you to create partnerships that maximize your growth while protecting your interests, develop and defend trademarks and patents, and scale your business into new markets.


Affordable flat-fee packages that fit your startup’s needs.

  • Entrepreneur Start-up Package
  • Intellectual Property Audit & Copyright Protection Package
  • Trademark & Brand Protection Package
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