Scott Kaplan | The Trainer’s Union

“When I formed my first business, I used one of the popular online legal services to file for my paperwork. There were so many options, I had no idea if I was making the best choices. I came to Gouchev Law when I was forming my second business and had a very different...

Jamie Glowacki | oh crap.

“I wrote a book that just got picked up by Simon and Schuster, prior to which I needed some guidance on working with a literary agency and protecting my intellectual property. I was extremely happy with the excellent service Gouchev Law provided. My consultation with...

Jamie Jensen | Your Hot Copy

“Gouchev Law has been a godsend for my business. Before I hired them, I was so confused about what business structure made sense for me, how to best protect myself, and how to grow my business. Gouchev Law put my mind at ease and gave me sound advice.”

Eric Schleyer | JLine Productions Inc.

“Gouchev Law is an extraordinary business and trademark attorney. We feel so lucky to have found them. They overdelivered every time. There is more than enough complexity in negotiation with giant organizations, but Gouchev Law’s work product and personality made it...

Ira Machowsky | Aceum Partners LLC

“It feels fantastic to have Gouchev Law on our side. Whenever you operate a business, whatever that business is, you need advisors like this who are committed to your goals and on whom you can depend for great business advice.”
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