Patricia Moreno, celebrity fitness instructor and successful entrepreneur, is on a mission to help others live a healthy and fulfilled life, changing the way they look at food, exercise, and themselves. Patricia is the founder of IntenSai. She focuses on spiritual fitness and creates programs and workouts that help people transform heart, body, and mind. Patricia has been in the fitness industry since she was in high-school and it has been her passion to help people exercise their power to improve their lives.

Patricia came to Gouchev Law for help in growing her empire and wanted a partnership and a safe place to ask the big and small questions.

GL:  Tell us a little about you and your business!

PM: I created The IntenSati method after being in the fitness industry for 15 years and feeling that in order to create lasting positive change in our life we needed to train our heart, body and mind together instead of three separate things. I wanted to teach my students about the power of their inner conversations and the power of language and to offer them a practice in which they could put that information into practice. IntenSati is a workout that combines positive spoken affirmations and high energy aerobics with the teachings of mindfulness. It is truly mental, physical and spiritual fitness for the mainstream workout fanatic.

GL:  That is incredible! Sounds like everyone can benefit from the IntenSati method. What’s your favorite part of what you do?

PM:  I love finding ways to combine mental and physical workouts for peak performance in everyday life. I also love researching in the area of positive psychology and neuroscience and finding ways to put theory into practice in a fun and transformational workout.

GL:  What were some challenges you faced along the way?

PM:  The biggest challenge I have faced in growing my business is managing the minutiae of the day to day operations.  I love serving, teaching, and leading, but the day to day business side of things is the biggest challenge because it takes up so much time. Finding the right team to delegate to is key.

GL:  What made you seek out Gouchev Law?

PM:  I needed help creating the licensing agreement for my teacher training program.  I wanted to expand my outreach by empowering other instructors to take my method to their communities and be a part of my mission to uplift the bodies and minds of people all over the world. I reached out to Gouchev Law for support in creating the best agreement that empowered all of us.

GL:  Can you share a little about what type of work Gouchev Law does for you?

PM: The firm has helped me on branding and licensing matters, as well as advice on various situations about expanding my business and bringing partners onboard. Last year I was needed a creative way to make a partnership work on a new program, and Gouchev Law helped me come up with the best way to protect myself and my company, while still being fair to my potential partner and helping the deal get made where both sides are happy.

GL:  How has your experience been working with the firm?

PM:  I wanted a firm that didn’t intimidate me. I wanted to have a relationship with my lawyer that felt like a partner in my business that I would feel comfortable reaching out to with questions big and small.  Since the first day I walked in and met with Jana Gouchev I felt I was in the right place and haven’t been disappointed.

GL:  How would you define what success means for yourself and your company?

PM:  Success for our company means we expand our platform and serve more people while growing financially so that we can continue to help more people improve their lives through being physically and mentally healthy.

GL:  What is one important thing you’ve learned along the way that makes a big difference?

PM:  One very important thing I have learned is to have everything in writing and that written agreements whether within the company or outside the company is the best way to reduce miscommunication and upset down the road. This is a very important element of a stable business.

GL:  We know exciting things are in store for you. Can you share a sneak peek of plans for the next couple of years?

PM:  Thank You!  I am expanding my offerings online and creating practices for people to start their day in an empowered way through exercise for heart, body, and mind.

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