Meet This Month’s Hot Entrepreneur!

Meet Ira Machowsky, founder of Aceum Partners, a staffing, HR and operations consulting firm that aims to help advance the social good. Aceum’s vision is to partner with nonprofit and social sector organizations in aligning cutting edge resources to help them build capacity and advance their operations, programs and services.

Ira came to Gouchev Law because he wanted a firm dedicated to start-ups and emerging businesses, and needed advisors in his corner who are committed to his business

GL: Tell us a little about your business?

IM: Aceum Partners is a start-up professional service, project management and business innovation firm supporting nonprofits and social good organizations. We deliver solutions through four key areas of our firm: Aceum Talent; Aceum HR Partner, Aceum Advisory Services and Aceum Ventures. Our goal is to source superior executive, managerial and professional talent to fill key positions, and deliver state of the art resources for human resource, operational and organizational needs. We also serve as an intermediary between social good companies and social sector organizations in helping to leverage and access technology innovation and new social ventures.

GL: Why was it important to you to hire a lawyer for your business?

IM: Aceum is a start-up consulting firm and I needed a business lawyer to help me incorporate my new business, coordinate various trademark issues related to the selection of a company name, a domain and filing my brand name and logo with US Patent and Trademark Office. I also needed someone to develop various contracts and agreements across each of the four areas of the firm, and to serve as a general advisor and counsel around business issues that come in the ordinary course of operating the business.

GL: Did you have any fears or doubts about hiring a lawyer?

IM: Not in particular as over the course of my career I have worked with outside counsel handling a broad range of legal matters for organizations I managed. But this is the first time I chose a lawyer for a business that I personally own and the selection process was very important to me.

GL: What made you go with Gouchev Law?

IM: I particularly liked the fact that Jana’s firm is set up exclusively to support new and emerging companies. She also has an excellent mix of legal training in emerging businesses and large, established firms combined with marketing/business skills from her work in the corporate sector.

GL: How does it feel to have a lawyer on your side?

IM: It always feels fantastic to have a lawyer on your side whose counsel you trust. Whenever you operate a business, whatever that business is, you need advisors in your corner that are committed to you and on whom you can depend for great advice for business.

GL: How has the processing of working with us been so far?

IM: Excellent in every way. Jana is a skilled attorney, efficient, resourceful and practical. She has been extremely helpful in connecting me to resources and potential clients who will be helpful to my firm. Jana and her team understand both the challenges and opportunities facing start-ups and the small business and emerging company community in New York. The extremely high quality of work you get for her fees is impressive and she is an absolute pleasure to work with!

GL: What’s your advice to fellow business owners about finding and working with the right attorney?

IM: Selecting an attorney is a critical decision for a business owner, particularly when you are first setting up a business. You need to establish the right infrastructure even before you begin making any revenue. Be selective and make sure you hire a business lawyer you feel both comfortable with and confident in.

GL: What’s in store for your business?

IM: I think of Aceum Partners as a social enterprise of sorts and am tremendously excited to have the opportunity to bridge my lifelong commitment to the nonprofit and social good sector by bringing great workforce talent, operational resources and innovation to help nonprofits and social good organizations build capacity, advance their mission and contribute to the social good. We plan to grow the four areas of our firm providing high quality, innovative solutions that deliver impact and results.


Learn more about Aceum Partners here.

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