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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: FanCamp Keeps You in the Loop on Your Favorite Events! – May 7, 2019

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: FanCamp Keeps You in the Loop on Your Favorite Events! – May 7, 2019

Clint Chang is the founder of FanCamp – an app that keeps track of all your favorite bands, teams, performers, and shows  – letting you know whenever there are events in your city.

GL: Tell us a little about you and your business!

FC: FanCamp came about because I was frustrated with missing out on events – either hearing about them after they’re sold out or they’ve already happened. There’s so many things going on in NY and other big cities, and no one has time to constantly be on the prowl for events information. I figured there should be a solution for this but wasn’t able to find one, which is how FanCamp came to life.

GL: What’s your favorite part of what you do?

FC: By trade I’m a creative director, so at the heart of what I do is figuring out creative solutions for my clients. I saw FanCamp through the lens of a user problem that could be solved with the right product design.

GL: What led you to where you are or inspired you to be in the position you are today?

FC: I wouldn’t be where I am now without passion for the craft, and old-fashioned hard work and determination.

GL: What were some challenges you faced along the way?

FC: Funding the development of the app was certainly more challenging than I originally expected. I’m pretty sure I broke every rule in the book. The development took a lot longer than I anticipated due to several factors– one of them being that I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

GL: What made you seek out Gouchev Law?

FC: I was looking for a respected business law firm that could help guide me through the process of setting up a new business entity with the goal of taking on investors. I wanted someone who I could rely on for ongoing legal advice.

“Gouchev Law helped set up my corporation, plan stock allocation, register my trademark, and write my app’s privacy policy and terms of use.”

GL: How has your experience been working with the firm?

FC: Gouchev Law helped set up my corporation, plan stock allocation, register my trademark, and write my app’s privacy policy and terms of use. It’s been great. Everyone has been helpful and thorough in their work. I’ve never given them a task they didn’t know how to handle.

GL: How would you define what success means for yourself and your company?

FC: And FanCamp makes life better for people, that’s all I want.

GL: What is some advice you can share with other business owners or one important thing you’ve learned along the way that makes a big difference?

FC: Make sure you’re passionate about your product or idea, otherwise you’re not going to go far with it. When the days and nights get long, at the end of the day you need to have the desire to keep pushing forward.

GL: We know exciting things are in store for you. Can you share a sneak peek of plans for the next couple of years?

FC: We’re planning on expanding our support to add more major cities, adding more features to our product, and developing an Android app. We have a lot of great ideas, but we’re especially excited about how we can build a product that best serves our users. So please give FanCamp a try and let us know what you think!

You can go here to check out the FanCamp App.


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